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Cloud Migration Programme for Azure Cloud


Swift Migration Phases


The Swift programme helps SMBs develop an end-to-end migration strategy with the greatest opportunities for success.


Preparation & Planning

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Business Case

  • Benefits Assessment

  • High-level TCO goal analysis

  • Steering group formation/advice

2 day, 5 day or 10 day programme

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“Out of all the consultancies we engaged, nubeGo provided us with the most complete business case for moving to Azure including a proposed architecture and high-level cost model”


Founder,  Start-up Search Platform

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Rapid Discovery

  • Azure Migrate Assessment
    + Stakeholder Interviews
    + Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • 7Rs Workload Classification

  • Migration Portfolio Assessment (MPA)

2, 5 or 10 day discovery workshops

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“During the planning phase of our project, nubeGo’s Solution Architect worked closely with us to understand our existing tech stack and apply their own experiences to recommend alternative approaches”


Software Manager, Healthcare ML Platform 

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Refined Migration Plan

  • Data-driven migration plan using Data Migration Hub data & reports Building-block planning

  • Lighthouse project identification

2, 5 or 10 day planning packages

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“Although we wanted to attack this in an agile manner, we asked nubeGo to help us understand an indicative size for the entire programme and a recommendation for how to break it down”


MD, Financial Analytics Website

Execution & Validation

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Small Module

15 days

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Large Module

Upto 90 days

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Medium Module

30 days

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XL Module

180 days

nubeGo assists with the rapid re-hosting of servers and data stored into Azure. Our Solutions Architects create data-driven designs for network and application infrastructure.


nubeGo’s technical architects, cloud developers and platform engineers are available in pre-sized modules of work to re-architect your primary platforms, build CI/CD and automated test frameworks and to help to shape your Cloud operating model.

During discovery we can help to size the migration project needs to match one of our consultancy modules.

Swift Cloud Operations

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(Cloud Managed Service)

Azure Landing Zone best practices applied in hours, not weeks. 24/7 access to Cloud support for one monthly cost.

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CI/CD and DevOps


Apply robust DevOps practices from day-one. Deployment tooling is considered in all nubeGo migration plans as standard.

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Project Management

& Agile Delivery

Migration is an opportunity for change. Experienced consultants lead and coach in lasting agile practices.

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Automated Monitoring,

Alerting and Patching

One nubeGo client cites a reduction in operational effort of 86%, to just 2 hours a month.

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Real-Time Cost & Security

Monitoring Add-Ons

Partnerships with Panther and CloudHealth allow nubeGo  to auto-deploy 3rd-party monitoring.

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Operating Model, Policy &

Process Definition

Experience reviewing & building company-wide Cloud Operating Models and SDLC at SME and Enterprise scale.

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Case Studies

Read our clients insight into how nubeGo has helped them

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About Swift

Download all the information about Swift in a PDF file

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Contact Us

Contact us to speak to one of our Cloud professionals

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