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Amazon Connect

Easy to use Cloud Contact Centre by AWS

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact centre that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost.

Designed from the ground up to be omnichannel, Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice and chat for your customers and agents. This includes one set of tools for skills-based routing, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and easy-to-use intuitive management tools – all with pay-as-you-go pricing, which means Amazon Connect simplifies contact centre operations, improves agent efficiency, and lowers costs. You can set up a contact center in minutes that can scale to support millions of customers.

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Make changes in

minutes not months

Amazon Connect is so simple to set-up and use, you can increase your speed of innovation. With only a few clicks, you can set up an omnichannel contact center and agents can begin talking and messaging with customers. You can also reuse the same automated interactions you already have to create chat flows. Making changes is easy with an intuitive UI that allows you to create voice and chat contact flows, without any coding, rather than custom development that can take months and cost millions of dollars.

Save up to 80% over traditional solutions


Amazon Connect costs less than legacy contact center systems. With Amazon Connect you pay only for the time you spend interacting with customers, plus any associated telephony and messaging charges. With Amazon Connect there are no minimum monthly fees, long-term commitments, upfront license charges, and pricing is not based on peak capacity, agent seats, or maintenance.

Easily scale to meet unpredictable demand


With Amazon Connect you can scale your contact center up or down to any size, onboarding tens of thousands of agents in response to normal business cycles or unplanned events. As part of the AWS cloud, you can support your customers by accessing Amazon Connect from anywhere in the world in a secure, reliable, and highly scalable way. Agents and managers just need a supported web browser and an internet connection to engage with customers from anywhere.

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Omnichannel Service

Amazon Connect provides a seamless omnichannel experience through a single unified contact center for voice and chat. Contact center agents and managers don’t have to learn multiple tools, because Amazon Connect has the same contact routing, queuing, analytics, and management tools in a single UI across voice, web chat, and mobile chat. With Amazon Connect you can also use the same automated interactions and chatbots across channels to increase operational efficiency.


This means your customers can interact with your agents based on factors such as personal preferences and wait times, they can keep working with the same agent across channels, and their interaction history is preserved, so they don’t have to repeat themselves, improving customer experience and reducing resolution time.

Flexibility and agility


Amazon Connect is an open platform that easily integrates with any system that your contact center relies on, such as customer relationship management (CRM), workforce optimization (WFO), or workforce management (WFM) systems.


For example, you can use AWS Lambda to access virtually any backend system to personalize automated experiences and provide conversation history and real-time context to agents as customers switch between voice and chat channels.


There is no need for connectors or professional services to build contact flow experiences that adapt to your customer needs.

Out-of-the box intelligence


Amazon Connect is AI-enabled by default, allowing agents to immediately use AWS AI services with Amazon Connect to automate interactions and improve customer service.


Amazon Connect has natural text-to-speech built-in so you can create personalized messages in real-time and with Amazon Lex, an Amazon service that builds conversational interfaces into any application with speech-to-text and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), you can use the same powerful technology that powers Alexa across voice and chat, easing the handoff between agents with context.


Amazon Connect also leverages AI to transcribe calls and show caller sentiment in real-time, and then mine your customer engagement data to surface insights and spot trends.

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Amazon Connect is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no required up-front payments, long-term commitments or minimum monthly fees. You pay by the minute for Amazon Connect voice usage plus any associated telephony charges.

Amazon Connect voice usage is determined by the minutes your end-customer is connected to the service.

For telephony, Amazon Connect offers both direct inward dial (DID) and toll-free phone numbers.

DID and toll-free phone numbers are charged on a per day basis, and there is a per minute charge for any calls based on the type of phone number for inbound calls, and the destination of outbound calls. 


For Amazon Connect chat usage, you pay $0.004 USD for each chat message sent by your customers, agents or by you via contact flows. Amazon Connect offers toll-free numbers in more than 20 countries worldwide. Taxes, surcharges and fees may also apply. 

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