Case Studies

Our clients give their insight into how nubeGo has helped them

Like many enterprises, Ladbrokes Coral had a big on-premises footprint, which was due for renewal.

It was the right time for a digital transformation not only for the IT side of the business but also on how software is developed and delivered. 

“With AWS we have the flexibility to scale and be more agile, what before took us 6 months to deploy, now with automation can be done in a few minutes.” 

Steven McDevitt

Director of Infrastructure and Network 

Miroculus were looking to develop a new version of their service to cope with an increase in workload. Their existing AWS setup was not optimized to scale, so nubeGo were enlisted to help design and implement a multi-account structure.

This would provide the basis for Miroculus to deploy an ECS cluster to run their new workload on and then eventually to use a combination of EMR, Sagemaker and Neptune for data processing.

During a period of rapid growth for both companies, nubeGo helped mitigate issues by keeping in regular contact to ensure that all parties had a clear understanding.

iSky Research provide an innovative financial services CX (Customer Experience) digital intelligence platform. Through their online portal, iSky Research surface unique data insights incorporating hundreds of banking channels, as well as innovation news, competitor insights and a library of visual content including screenshots, video and banking correspondence

“What nubeGo have done for us is to build the foundations of best practices that everyone who contributes to the iSky platform can build upon. By putting in place robust testing routines and clear visibility of code quality and build health, we can get rapid feedback on the changes people make, and increase our confidence in the quality of our evolving platform as we continue to innovate.” 

Matt Webb

Technical Lead, iSky Research

Correlation Risk Partners (CRP) build partnerships with growing entrepreneurial businesses that have a proven ability to distribute insurance products. CRP focuses on developing a sustainable portfolio of sought after insurance businesses through exceptional partnership expertise and cross-functional knowledge sharing.

While we have experience using AWS CI/CD services, it would have taken us too long to establish a DevOps capability. With their guidance and expertise, nubeGo helped us move this initiative forward quickly. The team helped us overcome some of the immediate technical challenges and provided inspiration on best practices we can apply ourselves going forward.


Eon Retief

Chief Data Officer, Correlation Risk Partners

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