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Deploy AWS Services in just a couple of clicks staying compliant and secure by using Service Catalog

Staying compliant and secure is a must for every organisation no matter the size or complexity of its cloud workload. Three cloud best practices to help ensure compliance and security are:

  • Tagging: Tags are metadata labels that you assign to your resources. Each tag is a combination of a key and values. They are important to enable customers to categorise resources by purpose, owner, environment, or other criteria. Without the use of tags, it can become difficult to identify your resources effectively as your utilisation of AWS services grows.

  • Encryption: Encryption works by using an algorithm with a key to convert data into unreadable data (ciphertext) that can only become readable again with the right key. It is an essential part of an effective security strategy alongside stringent access control and continuous work to define the least privilege necessary for persons or systems accessing data. Encryption is a critical component of a defence-in-depth strategy because it can mitigate weaknesses in your primary access control mechanism.

  • High Availability: High availability is a quality of computing infrastructure that allows it to continue functioning, even when some of its components fail. High Availability not only adds resilience to your workload but helps you ensure your workload will support volume requirements, managing cost and performance in the most efficient way while it improves security by separating compute, from the database and the file systems.

nubeGo works really hard promoting these and many other best practices aligned with the AWS Well Architected Framework. This is the primary objective of our managed service NCMS (nubeGo Cloud Managed Service), to help our customers to operate in a secured and compliant environment.

Ensuring every deployment of new services on AWS are done in compliance with all your company's requirements is always a major challenge and often includes the following tasks:

  • Launch a new project.

  • Assignment of an expert.

  • Security compliance audits.

  • Best practices compliance audits.

  • Hundreds of emails and/or tickets going back and forward with specifications.

  • A third party provider.

  • Budget assignment.

  • And many more

Now imagine you can provide your end users with a tool that allows them to do so with just a couple of clicks.

This is exactly what AWS Service Catalog does. It helps IT administrators organise, govern and distribute application stacks, called products, by using pre-prepared CloudFormation templates. Products can then be organised by grouping sets of products into folders that are called portfolios, products can be managed by implementing permissions and constraints. This grants end users the ability to self-service, discover, launch and manage those products without needing direct access to the underlying AWS services or the AWS console. The AWS Service Catalog helps you to achieve consistent governance and meet your compliance requirements, while enabling users to quickly deploy only the approved IT services they need.

In our permanent desire to make the cloud adoption as easy as possible for our customers, we have been developing nubeGo´s AWS Service Catalog products and portfolios; and AWS has just accepted nubeGo’s AWS Service Catalog into the Service Delivery Program. This means that our managed services customers (NCMS customers) have access to AWS Service Catalog as part of the service, this gives them access to nubeGo’s 6 portfolios and 11 products included on all levels of service:

Networking: including 2 products; Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Amazon VPC Endpoints.

Database: including Aurora RDS.

Monitoring: Including 2 products; Grafana ECS and Panther SIEM Community.

Security: Including 2 products; KMS and WAF.

Storage: Including 2 products;Transfer Server and Transfer Server User.

Applications: Including 2 products; AWS Distributed Load Testing and Jenkins Master HA.

Find out more about NCMS and its benefits by clicking here or request a contact here, we will be more than glad to contact you really soon.

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