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nubeGo Cloud Managed Services

Many businesses struggle to build the capacity or technical expertise required to effectively manage their cloud infrastructure, tools and applications.


Having to operate and secure cloud accounts needn’t be a distraction from your team’s core activities and skillset - NCMS is an innovative managed service that helps organisations of all sizes to transition and adapt to a simplified cloud operating model that is supported by certified AWS cloud specialists.

As an Advanced Consulting and Solutions Provider Partner for Public and Private sector, nubeGo brings together powerful automation, best-of-breed tooling and human experts to deliver continuous review of your security, operations and cloud architecture.


With 24x7x365 access to AWS certified engineers and architects, NCMS for AWS is your helping hand in the cloud.

Why Us

  • We provide a single view of your cloud platform costs and security

  • Gain the benefits of AWS cloud best practices, built by AWS specialists

  • Increase your confidence in the security and governance of your cloud architecture

  • Unrivalled platform automation and monitoring, gives nubeGo AWS experts the space to focus on supporting your business needs

  • nubeGo are a small and specialist cloud consultancy who understand the challenges of operating a business using AWS

  • We are here to help


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Cost Savings

Control and reduce cloud infrastructure management costs.

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Predictable Monthly Support Costs

Predictable monthly cost for supporting your platform, regardless of the level of help you need.

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Integrated Tools, Customised Service

Access to a suite of leading cloud management tools that are fully integrated with your AWS environments.

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Centralised Administration and Security

Centralise the application of security best practices and regular cloud management tasks under a single control plane.

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AWS Vendor Interfacing

When AWS-specific issues occur, nubeGo can communicate with AWS on your behalf.

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Fill the Skills Gaps

Benefit from our staff’s up to date knowledge, training and certification.

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Stay Current, Effortlessly

Keeping your cloud infrastructure in-step with the latest security and operating best practices is a challenge for organisations of all sizes.

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Robust Infrastructure

nubeGo define and apply AWS best practices

for cloud network infrastructure to your managed environments further boosts the security

and reliability.

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Fast Response Times

Staff available 24 x 7 to respond to your cloud monitoring alerts.



Ideal for those who want to do most things themselves, but want access to nubeGo’s AWS experts and tools.

15% of your AWS infrastructure charges*


*Minimum fees apply



Ideal for those who  want nubeGo to operate and manage their AWS environments for them or with them. 

25% of your AWS infrastructure charges*


*Minimum fees apply


AWS Landing Zone Solution by nubeGo

The AWS Landing Zone solution deploys an AWS Account Vending Machine (AVM) product for provisioning and automatically configuring new accounts. The AVM leverages AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) for managing user account access.

This environment is customizable to allow customers to implement their own account baselines through a Landing Zone configuration and update pipeline.

Multi-Account Structure

The AWS Landing Zone solution includes four accounts, and add-on products that can be deployed using the AWS Service Catalog such as the Centralised Logging solution and AWS Managed AD and Directory Connector for AWS SSO.


Cloud Managed Security (Add-On)

AWS is constantly expanding its portfolio of native security products. Thanks to its more holistic access to backend data and resources, Amazon is able to offer security features that 3rd party tools are unable to provide.


nubeGo is expanding its managed security services to provide support for native AWS security products.

AWS customers who want to improve their security posture but do not have the expertise or the resources to invest in a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) are now able to utilize the Cloud Native Security Service from nubeGo.


nubeGo Cloud Managed Security is based on Panther ( and we added and built an extra suite of rules and policies exclusive to NCMS for AWS customers.




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Cloud Managed Security

5% of your AWS infrastructure charges, per month.

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