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3 Ways an AWS Immersion Day Can Benefit Your Team

AWS Immersion Day workshops from nubeGo are day-long learning experiences that walk your team through a specific area of Amazon Web Services. As the name suggests, an Immersion Day is far more than a training course - it's a truly immersive experience designed to help your technical experts rapidly learn how to best leverage the AWS platform to unlock business potential and meet key technology objectives.

nubeGo is now able to offer these specialist AWS workshops in solution areas such as database migration, containers, artificial intelligence and cloud security. But why choose an AWS Immersion Day? Here are three compelling reasons why an Immersion Day makes the best start to your team’s latest AWS journey.

  1. Learn by Doing At nubeGo we believe that one of the very best ways of learning a new technology area is to get hands-on with the tools and technologies that you will need to succeed. Our AWS Immersion Days feature specialist workshop content that has been developed by AWS’s own experts including curated hands-on lab tasks which simulate real-world scenarios. All our AWS Immersion Days feature a range of hands-on labs with guided tutorials that will help your team to rapidly pick up new skills and learn AWS best practices from day one. For example, our Database Migration Immersion Day will see your team-building an end-to-end migration of a proprietary database from an on-premise environment into AWS using the Schema Conversion Tool and the AWS Database Migration Service as well as hands-on exploration of Amazon Aurora, a cloud-native database.

  2. Experiment without Risk Learning how to use new Cloud technologies is often best done outside of your production environment but it can be costly and complex to arrange for AWS accounts and isolated resources for all of your team members to experiment in a secure sandbox environment. For that reason, nubeGo are proud to offer free access to short-lived AWS environments for each attendee of our AWS Immersion Days to perform their hands-on labs and find their way around the new tools that they will quickly grow to understand.

  3. Learn from the Experts Our 1-day AWS Immersion Days are led by nubeGo’s team of experienced and authorised AWS instructors. All of our team are AWS users themselves - consultants and engineers with many years of relevant experience in the Cloud who want to help your team learn and embrace the very best of AWS. With the support and guidance of our AWS specialists, your team will learn how to unlock the potential value of AWS to meet your specific business needs.

AWS Immersion Days are now available for the following topics:

  • Containers

  • Serverless

  • Security and Compliance

  • Database Migration

  • Cloud Migration

  • Serverless Data Lake

NubeGo are hosting virtual AWS Immersion days for groups of 10 or more people. Book your AWS Immersion day now.

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