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CloudEndure by AWS

Providing disaster recovery and cloud migration to AWS from any infrastructure.

CloudEndure Migration

Cloud migration does not need to be a complex, time consuming, or costly endeavor. CloudEndure Migration simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of cloud migration by offering a highly automated lift-and-shift solution.
Enterprises looking to quickly rehost a large number of machines to AWS can use CloudEndure Migration without worrying about compatibility, performance disruption, or long cutover windows. Any re-architecture that needs to be done can be performed more easily after your machines are running on AWS.

CloudEndure Migration continually replicates your source machines into a staging area in your AWS account without causing downtime or impacting performance. When you’re ready to launch the production machines, CloudEndure Migration automatically converts your machines from their source infrastructure into the AWS infrastructure so they can boot and run natively in AWS.

With CloudEndure Migration, an agent-based solution, you can migrate all applications and databases that run on supported versions of Windows and Linux OS. This includes Windows Server versions 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 and Linux distributions, such as CentOS, RHEL, OEL, SUSE, Ubuntu, and Debian. CloudEndure Migration supports common databases, including Oracle and SQL Server, as well as enterprise applications such as SAP.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

IT disasters such as data center failures, server corruptions, or cyber attacks can not only disrupt your business, but also cause data loss, impact your revenue, and damage your reputation. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery minimizes downtime and data loss by providing fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers into AWS.

You can use CloudEndure Disaster Recovery to protect your most critical databases, including Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server, as well as enterprise applications such as SAP.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery continuously replicates your machines (including operating system, system state configuration, databases, applications, and files) into a low-cost staging area in your target AWS account and preferred Region. In the case of a disaster, you can instruct CloudEndure Disaster Recovery to automatically launch your machines in their fully provisioned state in minutes.

By replicating your machines into a low-cost staging area while still being able to launch fully provisioned machines within minutes, CloudEndure Disaster Recovery can significantly reduce the cost of your disaster recovery infrastructure.

Migration: How it works​

Implementation begins by installing the CloudEndure Agent on the selected source machines. The agent installation does not require a reboot nor does it impact system performance in any noticeable way. The CloudEndure Agent connects to a self-service, web-based CloudEndure User Console, which then issues an API call to the selected target AWS Region to create a staging area in the customer’s account designated to receive the source machine’s replicated data.

The staging area consists of both lightweight EC2 instances that act as Replication Servers and low-cost staging EBS volumes. Each source disk is mapped to an identically sized, low-cost EBS volume in the staging area. The Replication Servers receive data from the CloudEndure Agent running on the source machine and writes this data onto staging EBS volumes. One Replication Server can handle multiple source machines replicating concurrently.

After all source disks have been replicated into the staging area, the CloudEndure Agent continues to track and replicate any changes to the source disks in real-time.

This continuous asynchronous replication is done at the block level, which enables CloudEndure Migration to replicate any application that runs on supported x86-based Windows and Linux OSs that allow agent installation.


Customers configure a Target Machine Blueprint in the CloudEndure Console, which defines where each machine should launch and how it should be provisioned at the time of test or cutover.

When the Target Machines are launched, CloudEndure Migration spins up a temporary Machine Converter responsible for modifying the Target Machine to be able to boot and run natively in AWS. This includes injecting the appropriate AWS drivers, making appropriate bootloader changes, modifying network adapters, activating operating systems using the AWS KMS, and more. The conversion process normally takes under a minute, irrespective of the size of the machine, and is executed on all launched machines in parallel.

Disaster Recovery: How it works​

Agent Installation

Implementation begins by installing the CloudEndure Agent on your source machines. This does not require a reboot nor does it impact system performance. The agent connects to your source machines and replicates all of the data into a low-cost staging area in your target AWS Region.

Orchestration and Machine Conversion

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery performs automated orchestration and machine conversion so that your source machines will boot and run natively on AWS. These automated processes are executed on all launched machines in parallel and within minutes, irrespective of machine size or storage usage. This enables Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of minutes.

Staging Area

The staging area contains low-cost resources automatically provisioned and managed by CloudEndure Disaster Recovery. This greatly reduces the cost of provisioning duplicate resources. Because the staging area does not run a live version of your workloads, you don’t need to pay for duplicate software licenses or high-performance compute. Rather, you pay for low-cost compute and storage.


The fully provisioned recovery environment, with the right-sized compute and higher-performance storage required for recovered workloads, is only launched during a disaster or drill


If disaster strikes, click a button in the CloudEndure Console to launch an automated failover. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery will spin up the most up-to-date version of your machines. For cases of data corruptions, accidental system changes, or ransomware, you can instruct CloudEndure Disaster Recovery to spin up your source machines at previous consistent points in time by selecting your preferred time in the CloudEndure Console.

Continuous Replication

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery continually replicates any changes you make to your source machines into the staging area. This enables sub-second Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). During a disaster or drill, click a button in the CloudEndure User Console to launch fully operational workloads according to your predefined networking and machine properties.


Once a disaster is over, CloudEndure Disaster Recovery uses automated machine conversion and orchestration technology to perform a rapid failback of up-to-date workloads into your source environment. Replication of the data back to your source environment occurs without disrupting normal business operations.

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You can use CloudEndure Migration to perform automated migration to AWS at no charge.

Each free CloudEndure Migration license allows for 90 days of use following agent installation. During this period, you can start the replication of your source machines, launch target machines, conduct unlimited tests, and perform a scheduled cutover to complete your migration.

After this free 90-day period, your machines will stop replicating and new target machines cannot be launched. If you did not complete migration within the free 90-day period, you can still migrate at no cost by reinstalling the CloudEndure agent on the applicable machines with a new CloudEndure Migration account. This will allow you to perform replication, testing, and cutover for another free period of 90 days.

Disaster Recovery

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is billed hourly per source server registered, irrespective of provisioned storage capacity. This gives you the flexibility to easily use our disaster recovery solution by paying on an hourly basis, rather than committing to a long-term contract or set number of servers.

Pricing includes continuous data replication, virtually unlimited disaster recovery drills, point-in-time recovery, and automated failover and failback.

In addition to the CloudEndure Disaster Recovery subscription fee, you pay for the low-cost staging resources that CloudEndure Disaster Recovery creates (e.g., EC2, EBS) during continuous replication. Payment for fully provisioned resources is only required during disaster recovery drills or recovery mode.

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