Why is DevOps certification so important?

DevOps is an approach to IT delivery that combines people, practices and tools to break down silos between development and operations teams. DevOps teams accelerate the development of applications and services and, with a more responsive approach to management of the IT infrastructure, can deploy and update IT products at the speed of the modern marketplace.

DevOps bridges the gap between “dev” and “ops” — in other words, software development, where the code behind applications is created, and IT operations, where those applications are put into production, available to end-users, and maintained.

DevOps Lifecycle (Source: aws.com)
DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps focuses on collaboration, iteration, and automation of processes to drive continuous development and accomplish deployment goals faster.

DevOps helps in eliminating waste, reducing wait times and delays, and streamlines the process of risk management.

Let us summarise the benefits of these three main pillars:


  • Continuous software delivery

  • Less complexity to manage

  • Faster resolution of problems


  • Happier, more productive teams

  • Higher employee engagement

  • Greater professional development opportunities


  • Faster delivery of features

  • More stable operating environments

  • Improved communication and collaboration

  • More time to innovate (rather than fix/maintain)

How can you demonstrate your preparation level for approaching a DevOps philosophy Through combining learning opportunities with a change in mindset to adopting an Agile model.

Why is certification so important?

The demand for DevOps professionals in the current IT marketplace has increased exponentially over the years.

Amazon’s Certified AWS DevOps Professional certification is meant for experienced professionals working in the areas of service and product lifecycle. Employees and Managers working in IT firms also find this very useful and find that it supports their design and development processes. The DevOps adoption in companies has gone up from the last years as shown in the figure below.