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Disaster Recovery

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Having a plan when something goes wrong is crucial. When you start a road trip, you ensure your car insurance is up to date just in case something goes wrong. Just like your car insurance, your IT / Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan must be up to date and available when outages, downtime or data loss hits your organisation. No matter what the cause of the disaster, the organisations who manage them most effectively, and with the least amount of collateral damage, are those with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and regularly tested disaster recovery (DR) plan. 

Whether you already have a Disaster Recovery Plan, you are in the process of creating it, or you have no DR Plan; nubeGo can help you to ensure that your plan is aligned with AWS best practices (Well-Architected Framework) and ensure you can effectively navigate a Disaster situation.

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Our Offer

nubeGo offers a 2-hour check where a Certified Solutions Architect, in collaboration with your team, will determine the level of compliance of your Disaster Recovery Plan within these 10 Items: 

  • Determine Recovery Objectives (RTO and RPO) 

  • Identify Stakeholders

  • Establish Communication Channels

  • Collect all Infrastructure Documentation

  • Choose the Right Technology

  • Define Incident Response Procedure

  • Define Action Response Procedure

  • Prepare for Failback to Primary Infrastructure

  • Perform Extensive Tests

  • Stay Up-to-Date

What you will receive?

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nubeGo will provide a report of your DR Plan identifying those items where there is scope for improvement, as well as a remediation proposal for nubeGo to help you with compliance against the AWS Well-Architected Framework, to ensure your DR Plan is optimised to help you when you need it.

(*) In case you do not have your DR Plan developed, nubeGo will provide a proposal to assist you in creating and documenting your DR plan; developing the infrastructure required based on your specific needs and ensuring compliance with AWS Well-Architected Framework. 

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Case Studies

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