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Cloud Cost Optimisation Programme for Azure Cloud


Would you like to reduce your Azure cloud spend by up to 30%? 

Programme Pillars

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Cost-effective resources

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over time

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Matching supply with demand 

Razor is a Cloud Cost Optimisation Programme consisting of a high-level analysis of your cloud environment meant to define how to lower resource costs while maintaining the same performance. A cost-optimised system will fully utilise all resources, achieve an outcome at the lowest possible price point, and meet your functional requirements. 


nubeGo is ready to plan, execute and put in place different cloud cost management actions. Our approach applies Public Cloud best practices recommended by the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). nubeGo will assign a Cloud Professional Certified Consultant to your business to spend 4 weeks working with your team. During this time, we will put a plan in place to tackle each cost-reduction opportunity available.


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nubeGo integrates your cloud accounts with CloudHealth in order to get detailed understanding of every asset deployed to date.

Service Principal: nubeGo request access using a Service Principal to connect to your Azure Billing.

IAM Permissions: We need read-only permissions to the respective subscriptions.

Reporting Platform Access: We configure access to CloudHealth for you and your team so that you can access your reports 24/7.

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nubeGo provides a detailed summary of your assets and generates reports which are daily updated with your current usage.

As a customer, you are able to visualise this and enable filters if you need to drill down and export in PNG or CSV format.

If you have enabled tagging for your assets, you can also build custom reports and compare between environments, projects, business units, etc.

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During the analysis phase, nubeGo builds a detailed report which includes specific actions including names, region, availability zone for you to easily identify assets to be considered.

  • Recommendations: Reservations (Reserved Instances)

  • Recommendations: RightSize

  • Recommendations: Elasticity 

  • Actions: Delete unnecessary Storage

  • Actions: Terminate Instances unused

  • Actions: Modify storage class

This is a risk-free programme

What does this mean?


We only charge a percentage of your cost savings throughout the next year.

Contact us and to schedule a call to learn more about your business.

We’ll assess whether or not this is the best match for your business and we’ll give you an estimate of how much you can save before we begin working. 

Optional Add-On Services


If you need resources to implement the recommendations arising from the programme, nubeGo can provide you with a team of certified professionals to take care of this for you.


If you’d like to continue using Cloud Health beyond your engagement with us, nubeGo can manage your Azure account billing and set you up with Cloud Health indefinitely only charging you 5% of your Azure costs per month for administering and implementing the tool for you.


If you’d like to get a more complete support offer from the nubeGo team, learn more about our NCMS (nubeGo Cloud Managed Services) offer!

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