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“Improving daily work is even more important than doing daily work.”


Gene Kim


By observing your business in its natural state we analyse and delve into your practices and begin to consider the adoption of specific devOps tools to enable automation and make substantial improvements.


Every DevOps journey is different and by observing your businesses position we can plan your future path.


We then adopt a variety of tools to improve ways of working. By developing a collaborative in-depth review of existing processes and the delivery of software and systems, we help you optimise the value chain.


We help by evaluating various DevOps tools and practices and provide short-term or ongoing hands-on assistance in embedding their usage and applying best practices.


Throughout the evaluating and coaching and delivery stages of your project, nubeGO technical consultants and DevOps Engineers can help provide planning and advice for the adoption of new technologies, tools and processes to optimise delivery of value in your value stream.


We support your business in adopting a variety or combination of DevOps tools and assist with culture change and automation:


  • Optimised use of DevOps tools and environments

  • Agile, Lean and DevOps process review and advice

  • Configuration Management (e.g. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Opsworks)

  • Source Code Management (e.g. CodeCommit, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Artifactory)

  • Release Management (e.g. Jenkins, CodeDeploy, CircleCI, Octopus, CodePipeline)

  • Build Management (e.g. Jenkins, CodeBuild, Artifactory)

  • Process Improvements Project and Bug tracking (e.g. Jira)

  • CI/CD setup and management

  • Tailored training packages 

DevOps Tooling

Infrastructure as Code

Implementing an IaC strategy is an important step within a DevOps implementation. Provisioning of infrastructure by code reduces risk to operations and increases agility.


The ability to replicate environments can also be an effective solution when developing and implementing a Disaster Recovery process. nubeGo are able to provide expertise on IaC tools including CloudFormation and Terraform.


Developing workloads to run on containers provides the ability to deliver software faster by abstracting away the operating system and the physical infrastructure. Containers are also considered to be very efficient as you can run multiple versions of your application sharing the same resources.


To get the most benefit from running workloads on containers, considerations should be made to select the best solution. nubeGo can help provide guidance on how to design and implement on platforms including Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate. 

Security and Governance

Running workloads in the cloud can bring new challenges in security and governance. With the dynamic nature of infrastructure and new services to consider, it can be hard to ensure that your workload is secure. The pressures of quick releases to get new features to market can also mean that security isn’t given the consideration it requires.


nubeGo can help ensure that when designing infrastructure to run applications in the cloud that best practices for security are considered. In addition, we will help implement any services that can provide assurance around security and governance including Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, AWS WAF and AWS Config.

CI/CD pipelines

Setting up pipelines for software delivery is an essential part of a DevOps strategy. They offer faster release frequencies, shorter feedback loops and improved quality of delivery.


nubeGo can help with designing and implementing pipelines to automate the building, testing and deployment of software, using AWS services such as CodeBuild, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy, or alternatives including Jenkins and GitLab CI. 


Having a robust monitoring system in place is critical for understanding the availability and performance of a workload. It can also help in building a data-driven approach to decision making by understanding the impact of releases and new features.


Running workloads in the cloud can bring some challenges in implementing an effective monitoring strategy, so receiving advice can ensure that the right tools and processes are in place. At nubeGo, we are able to provide expert opinion on services including Amazon CloudWatch and 3rd party services and how to create effective dashboards and alerting. 

What we Do?

Engineering & Design (We help you 'do' toolchain)

Agile, Lean and DevOps process review and advice

Process improvements

Configuration, Source Code and Release Management

Advise on 'soft skills' & culture

Project and Bug tracking

Teaching & Agile Coaching

Tailored training packages


  • Improved working processes

  • Maximise returns on investment in tools and processes

  • Heightens business efficiency and agility

  • Quicker development cycles

  • Improved communication and collaboration between teams

  • Governance for development and operations

  • Consistent environment baselines

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