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Reducing database cost using Amazon Aurora SERVERLESS!

Here at nubeGO we are proud of our passion for the cloud and know the advantages that can be gained from adopting cloud services. That is why when it came to developing the nubeGO Cloud Readiness Assessment, the cloud was the only way to go for hosting our database! Try the CRA free here:

We thought we would share with you the benefits we gained from using Amazon Aurora Serverless.

  1. Reduced Database Management Overhead: Database management can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, continually keeping things up to date and running smoothly. This is where a managed database service such as Amazon Aurora can help. The managed service automates time-consuming administration tasks like hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups - leaving you free to spend time on the things that matter, like providing value to your customers!

  2. Storage Scalability: Amazon Aurora provides distributed, fault-tolerant, self-healing storage that auto-scales up to 64TB per database instance. This means the database keeps up with your storage needs without you needing to spend time manually provisioning it, and you only pay for the storage you use!

  3. Performance: Amazon states that Aurora provides “5X the throughput of standard MySQL and 3X the throughput of standard PostgreSQL. This performance is on par with commercial databases, but at 1/10th the cost”. Up to 15 read replicas can be added to reduce load on the main database instance and to lower latency for users.

  4. High Availability: Amazon Aurora is automatically replicated to six copies spread across three availability zones, with auto-failover within 30 seconds in case of a issue. You can be confident your database is fault tolerant, the importance of which is highlighted in this blog post:

The above benefits are gained from standard Amazon Aurora, now let’s discuss the added HUGE advantage of Serverless!

Using serverless technology completely removes the hassle of provisioning required capacity. Amazon Aurora Serverless handles this for you, automatically growing compute and memory capacity to meet the current requirement of the time. As the requests to the database grow, the compute capacity grows with it.

*Amazon Aurora Serverless is MySQL 5.6 compatible.*

Even better, it scales down and stops the instance if it’s not in use, meaning you are not paying for compute capacity when it’s not in use! You simply pay for the storage of your data. The following graph of an example database illustrates this:

With Non-Serverless (orange), capacity is provisioned for peak demand. The outcome is times where capacity is being paid for, but not used = wasted cost (red)

Compare this to Serverless (blue), where the capacity scales to meet demand. When there is no demand, the only cost is storage This is managed automatically with no intervention needed.

The Benefit?

At nubeGO we no longer need to worry about scaling the backend database as we know Amazon Aurora Serverless will scale to meet the user demand, all while taking advantage of the lower costs gained from operating at cloud scale. When the database is not required, for example overnight, it scales down entirely.

The nubeGO Cloud Readiness Assessment reports on your businesses readiness for cloud adoption, providing recommendations for maximising the benefits - such as serverless services - that the cloud provides. Try it free here:

For advice on the benefits of Cloud services, contact one of our Solution Architects. Email [email protected]

Read more about Amazon Aurora & Amazon Aurora Serverless here:

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