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nubeGo's AWS DevOps Competency

Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services, nubeGo is helping development and operations teams to explore and enhance their usage of Cloud technologies. Our customers are technology teams who want to build on AWS with the confidence that the applications they are building, and the systems they are supporting, are managed and monitored effectively.

To better serve the needs of teams who are learning to build professionally on AWS, nubeGo is incredibly proud to announce that we have achieved the AWS DevOps Competency. nubeGo are a dedicated Cloud and DevOps consultancy based in the UK, Latin America and Europe, and we’re excited to share how nubeGo can help you to build confidence in your development and operations processes with AWS.

How can nubeGo help teams to adopt and improve DevOps practices?

At nubeGo, we enjoy helping our customers to assess their development and operations routines in order to identify opportunities for improvement and seek greater levels of automation. Our SDLC and DevOps Maturity assessments can be tailored to your organisation, with assessments taking between 4 hours and 6 months!

nubeGo engineers are experts with serverless and container technologies and can help you to design, build and monitor your serverless workloads on AWS using the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Greater levels of automation can help teams to reduce their operational burdens; over the past year, nubeGo have helped our customers to automate compliance monitoring using AWS Config, to automatically patch and maintain EC2 instances using AWS Systems Manager, and to automatically monitor and deploy changes to infrastructure using Cloudwatch, Lambda and Cloudformation.

Our engineers are on-hand to help you build modern applications and APIs using AWS technologies such as AWS Lambda, API Gateway and AppSync. We can help increase transparency into your workloads by integrating AWS X-Ray distributed tracing, or building platform health monitoring dashboards and metrics with Cloudwatch.

And, perhaps most commonly understood to embody “DevOps”, nubeGo’s consulting team design, build and optimise software release management processes. With hands-on experience using AWS developer tools for CI/CD (CodeDeploy, CodeBuild and CodePipeline) and a wide range of third-party CI/CD toolsets, we’re happy to collaborate with you to diagnose a complex problem for an hour or two, or to completely overhaul your continuous delivery processes!

Why the significance?

The AWS DevOps Competency is a significant milestone in nubeGo’s growth. For us, the Competency award is a recognition of the hard work that our team of consultants put in every day to help our clients achieve great things. As firm believers in the concept of Continuous Improvement, we know that our hard work doesn’t stop now, our team is already working towards their next AWS Competency!

How did nubeGo earn the AWS DevOps Competency?

To achieve the AWS DevOps Competency, APN Partners such as nubeGo must demonstrate deep experience working with businesses to help them implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices or helping them automate infrastructure provisioning and management with configuration management tools on AWS. Competencies are issued to partners who can evidence customer success stories, demonstrate the technical depth and breadth of their consultancy team, and who employ robust planning and management techniques. Through an independent auditor, nubeGo’s technical and professional credentials were assessed against a comprehensive set of requirements.

nubeGo was founded as a professional services organisation based on the core DevOps principles of faster flow, continuous feedback, and finding ways to give engineers the time and space to innovate. Our consulting projects seek to increase automation, streamline delivery processes and educate and enable our client’s engineers.

AWS services are designed to simplify the provisioning and management of customers’ infrastructure and applications. AWS also streamlines code deployment and automates the software release process. To achieve our DevOps competency, we had to document multiple success stories where nubeGo helped organisations to optimise their development or operations processes in the AWS cloud.

What is the AWS Competency Program?

The aim of the AWS Competency Program is to recognise AWS Partner Network Partners who demonstrate and maintain technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialised AWS Partner solution areas such as DevOps, Security or Migration.

nubeGo is proud to join the AWS Partner Competency Program and be recognised as a specialist in helping organisations adopt DevOps practices with AWS services to meet their own unique goals and challenges.

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