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What are the benefits of partnering with a Cloud MSP?

As thousands of public and private organisations around the world can attest to, using AWS can unlock endless possibilities that we didn’t dare to imagine in the years before Cloud technologies. However, in order to realise the full potential of AWS, it’s necessary to invest a great deal of time and resources. There needs to be a specialised team of experts that are solely focused on managing it, and continuous investment in their training. While this can prove to be a great asset, we have to admit that it can also negatively impact the production and delivery of the company’s own products and services.

When faced with this situation, you can take one of two routes. You can either choose to repurpose part of your team so that they can be solely focused on AWS and make a big investment in training them up, or you can choose to maintain the focus on improving your own products and services and rely on a trusted third party to manage AWS for you and provide the necessary support. While both options are equally valid and each might be right in different contexts, I’m here today to take a deep dive into what it means to partner with a company that provides managed services for AWS and what the main benefits of said partnership can be.

Your ideal Cloud Managed Services Partner will act as a helping hand when it comes to all things cloud. With their help, you will be able to ensure that your security, operations and Cloud architecture follow best practices and are constantly monitored by experts. In our case, we also throw some extra elements into the mix. The nubeGo Cloud Managed Services combines human expertise with powerful automation, and best-of-breed tooling to maximise the benefits our clients get. With 24x7x365 access to AWS certified engineers and architects, NCMS for AWS can help you make the most out of the cloud without having to incur the challenge and expense of managing it yourself.

One of the first points to take into account if you’re considering whether or not to start a partnership with a Cloud Managed Services provider is cost. Simply put, outsourcing the daily maintenance of your Cloud operations can save thousands in tooling, training and staffing costs. Employing a specialist Cloud operations team yourself, which can be incredibly costly, especially for small businesses who may lack the specialized skills needed to operate AWS effectively. By partnering with an MSP, you can control and reduce cloud infrastructure management costs and still benefit from specialised AWS experts. In addition to this, you will be able to better predict monthly support costs. There may be some months when you need more support with your AWS platform than others. Rather than paying for spikey professional services fees, a monthly Managed Service plan can help you plan for a consistent and predictable monthly cost for supporting your platform, regardless of the level of help you need.

Another huge benefit of partnering with an MSP has to do with bridging skills gaps that might prevent you from using AWS to its full potential. Keeping your staff trained up with the advances in Cloud technology can be costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing your Cloud operations and maintenance to a managed service provider such as nubeGo, you can benefit from their AWS staff’s up to date knowledge, training and certification. Keeping your Cloud infrastructure in-step with the latest security and operating best practices is a challenge for organisations of all sizes. Allowing a Managed Service Provider to regularly review and update your Cloud platform offloads some of the burdens of having to stay updated with the onslaught of changes to Cloud technologies and practices. As a Managed Service Provider, nubeGo define and apply AWS best practices for cloud network infrastructure to your managed environments. The addition of comprehensive guardrails, automated upgrades and monitoring tooling further boosts the security and reliability of your Cloud infrastructure.

My final point is that partnering with an MSP such as nubeGo really does make the management of your AWS environments a lot easier. NCMS, our very own Cloud Managed Services offer, gives you access to a suite of leading Cloud management tools that are fully integrated with your AWS environments. Automation of regular management tasks gives our nubeGo team members time and space to respond to your more complex queries with customised and tailored recommendations. With staff available 24 x 7 to respond to your Cloud monitoring alerts, you can expect a prompt response to critical issues happening within your cloud infrastructure. nubeGo can identify, access and repair common issues or can escalate serious issues directly to you for further action. When AWS-specific issues occur, nubeGo can work directly with Amazon to help resolve them on your behalf. As AWS experts, nubeGo knows the right questions to ask when communicating your issues to the vendor.

Now more than ever, we’re striving to help our clients make the most of their available resources. In a lot of ways, NCMS is the perfect solution for that exact goal. You’ll be able to reduce costs and accurately predict your monthly expenses, benefit from the expertise of AWS certified engineers and architects and enjoy a much more seamless and effortless experience when it comes to the management of your AWS environment. The best part? You’ll be able to do all this without sacrificing time and resources that would do best by focusing on the development and delivery of your own products and services.

If you’re interested in partnering with us and learning more about the NCMS offer, please visit

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