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AWS Summit London

Updated: May 20, 2019

A week ago, on a rainy day in May, team nubeGO pulled on boots and backpacks, ready for the AWS Summit London.

It was Wednesday 08 May 2019 and seven of our team - excited and enthused about the possibilities that lay ahead - gathered eagerly, ready to dive deep into learning sessions, meet with AWS Partners and make new discoveries.

With a bonus of free entry for all, the event is well organised. Each attendee is emailed a QR entry code and check in ID - processed into a swiftly printed badge to identify attendees.

Swarms of like-minded cloud people headed to the Royal Victoria Dock and crowded in to see get a seat as the day began with the Opening Keynote speech, delivered by Matt Garman, Vice President, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS.

If you missed it, you can view the full speech here.

The AWS Summits provide opportunity for the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS.

Both cloud newbies (or as we would call them, ‘nubees’) and experienced cloud users stand to learn something new.

The summit begins - lights, music and the big screens

Onsite, the Summit sessions were filled on a first-come first-seated basis - although a nifty app could be used to help organise the day.

A variety of topics covering different levels of AWS knowledge built a robus agenda with wide appeal. Topics included the likes of: ‘Stream processing and managing real-time data’, ‘.NET on AWS’ and ‘Creating resiliency through destruction’.

“It’s fascinating to see an event that brings together complete novices to the cloud with seasoned professionals and unites deeply technical engineers with senior leaders and stakeholders. For me the standout talk I went to was a customer talk by Tristan Greaves, Group AWS Programme Manager, Stepstone. He talked about his experiences building a cloud centre of excellence across a large organisation and the challenges of governance, cost control and standardization without stifling innovation in the cloud. It showed me that we are all still learning.”

- Emma Button, nubeGO

Our own AWS Champion Fernando Honig made friends

Technical professionals from a range of sectors and capabilities converged to see numbers at the AWS Summit London 2019 in excess, boasting:

12000+ people

40+ Customer speakers

60+ sessions


Through a bustling array of stands offering a plethora of cloud solutions and services - amongst them nubeGO partners Cloud Academy and Atlassian held stands.

A first time attending AWS Summit London as part of nubeGO for Josh, Melissa and Michelle
“The Summit for me was a great chance to spend some time with my new colleagues, learning not just more about them, but about the company also. It was a huge event and I find it mind-bogglingly impressive that something like the Cloud can bring together people from all over the world to share their experiences and learn more.
DeepRacer was an eye opener for me I think. I hadn't realised how slow they move!”

- Michelle Chismon, nubeGO

"Attending my first AWS Summit was a great experience for myself. Getting to meet a number of people across various industries who are all at various points along their journey in the cloud, got me to appreciate how far AWS services have come and the level of potential that is still available.
I was able to attend a couple of sessions during the day and the one that really stuck with me was "Architecting security & governance across your AWS environment". The talk gave a high-level overview around best practices in establishing a strategy for multi-account security and governance. It highlighted a few areas for consideration as we look as a company to continue working with our clients on consulting and delivering in this area"

- Andrew Potter-Irwin, nubeGO

Will we be back? Absolutely!

With thanks to the AWS team and sponsors for all the provisions - and the stewards and hosting team for supplying all their services throughout the day.


As an AWS Advanced Solution Partner nubeGO provides fast and reliable Cloud and DevOps consultancy services to small, medium and enterprise businesses - building more opportunities as we grow.

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