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nubeGO become an official AWS Authorized Training Partner

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Fernando Hönig, CEO at nubeGO, discusses how nubeGO has joined the AWS APN Training Partner Program, which enables AWS Authorized Instructors to deliver training developed by AWS around the world.

When I discovered that I was providing much more value in a classroom than other trainers I had experienced before, I started a mission; To build a network of consultants who can deliver Cloud Training from another perspective, with a more hands-on experience, generating a level of trust that only happens between architects, developers and engineers during a class.

Since August 2018, we have been delivering AWS official training in more than 10 countries in Europe, LATAM and US. Many Training Partners were hiring our exceptional expertise and our CSAT (Customer Satisfaction score) was always within the top 10%. Because of this, AWS have recognised the value of our trainers. In 2019 our trainers delivered more than 300 days of training and I am happy to announce we are now an official AWS Training Partner in the UK.

As an APN Training Partner, nubeGO can deliver AWS Training courses, which give learners the opportunity to learn best practices and get live feedback and answers to questions from an expert instructor.

You might wonder why this is important for nubeGO as we already deliver training. The main reason is you. Our customers and future customers. We are now in a position to offer training to small and medium sized organisations and have built exclusive Training Paths. If your business has AWS cloud infrastructure, you might need AWS Training for your team at the beginning of an engagement or maybe alongside our consultancy involvement. We can deliver training to companies who can’t send 10 people at the same time, because we can build tailored classes and training plans according to your business needs.

This is a great opportunity and a challenge for us as a young but quite mature Cloud Services organisation; To demonstrate agility in our delivery, get access to more customers and more importantly keep our customers up to date when talking about cloud projects or how to implement technology.

AWS has recognised nubeGO as a company that can address a niche. We want to deliver training to organisations who need to up-skill their teams, not only the technology teams, but also Marketing, Sales, Business Analysts, Advisors, Finance and HR. All parts of your business need to understand what Cloud is and how to translate business needs into this new paradigm.

I will look forward to engaging with you to advise the best route and of course I may also be your Trainer, double satisfaction!

Visit our training website to see our courses and exclusive paths.

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