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My Favourite AWS Course

Emma Button, COO at nubeGo discusses her favourite AWS course; Developing on AWS.

I started my career as a software developer and have spent over 17 years leading and coaching development teams so it should come as no surprise that my favourite AWS instructor-led course to teach is the “Developing on AWS” course.

The Developing on AWS instructor led training course is a great course for software developers, application engineers, application architects and development leaders.

Most of my students have been developers who have recently started using Amazon Web Services and want to learn about applying cloud best-practices. However, I do often meet students who have been tasked by their employer about finding out more for their organisations before they embark upon their cloud journey and so, for them, the course is their very first experience of the AWS cloud.

The Developing on AWS course is a three-day instructor-led course where we cover the foundations you need to build applications in the cloud. We start by exploring the storage options such as S3 object store and DynamoDB for NoSQL, then move through the serverless technologies such as Lambda and API gateway before touching on Containers and ECS. The course finishes off with a focus on security (very important stuff). All of the content is designed to help you feel comfortable with the tools and APIs available in AWS.

Throughout the course there are loads of hands-on labs which actually get you writing code. I love the labs because they are available in lots of different “flavours” to suit different development backgrounds; C#, Java and Python. The labs are available on both Windows and Linux and each lab environment has the IDEs and tools installed onto it that allow you to get working quickly. The course culminates with an epic lab, in which we bring together everything we’ve learned over the 3-day course and build a fully-functioning end-to-end web app with some pretty cool features.

The Developing on AWS course helps get people’s brains going! I love watching my students start to feel the same magical inspiration as I do when they begin to appreciate the scope of all the amazing things they can achieve with AWS once they start stringing the different serverless technologies together. Even for the developers with more AWS experience, I love seeing how the little details that they uncover during their time on the course helps them to come up with new ideas of ways of working, or building their own software.

I definitely enjoy teaching this course the most and particularly love it when my past students get in touch to tell me that they’ve achieved something awesome with their new skills, or have managed to pass the exam for their AWS Certified Developer Associate certification.

For details on the 'Developing on AWS' course please visit:

0203 901 8501

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