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nubeGO Cloud Technology Training

Terms and Conditions



Last updated: January 2020


Please read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") carefully to learn more about our Cloud Technology Training and Workshops (“The Service”). 

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms.
These Terms apply to everyone who accesses or uses the Service.
If you disagree with any part of these terms, please contact us at [email protected]




​​1. nubeGO Limited (company number 09115069), trading as nubeGO and the Client agree that nubeGO will provide certain services to the Client. 

​​2. These Terms state the terms and conditions under which nubeGO will supply and the Client may use the Services. 



nubeGO will provide instructor-led on-site or remote training of course content to be agreed with the client, which may include, when relevant, informative slides, example demonstrations and a Q&A session, among other features.


​​1.1. nubeGO is committed to providing exceptional services to our clients. We will use our reasonable endeavours to provide efficient replies to customer queries received by email, phone or any contact form available on our website. Updated contact details for nubeGO can be found at All statements made by nubeGO during the delivery of the Services and all recommendations and opinions are made in good faith on the basis of information available at the time. Projections are not a representation, undertaking or warranty as to the outcome or achievable results.


​​1.2.Implementation of the solutions referred to during the Course may require the involvement or supervision of third parties engaged by the Client. The Client is responsible for obtaining independent advice before entering into any legally binding commitment with any such third parties. 


​​2.1. In order to purchase the Service, the Client must provide the required information and agree to pay the amount specified. The Client must ensure that all information provided is complete and accurate.

​​2.2. Unless otherwise specified in respect of a particular Course, the Course Fee is payable with a one-off lump-sum payment 30 days after receipt of an invoice issued by nubeGO. Payments will be accepted via bank transfer. Other payment methods may be made available to the Client upon request.

​​2.3. nubeGO reserves the right to deny access to the course to any student whose payment has not been recorded before a period of ten (10) working days prior to the course start date.



3.1. Public Courses are delivered for a maximum of 25 students. Students are assigned their place on a Public Course depending on the order their payments are registered. If a course is full, nubeGO will not accept more students and our online calendar will be updated to show that that specific date is full. The Training Partner agrees to market only those dates that still have available seats. If a student is in the middle of purchasing their seat and the course becomes full, nubeGO will contact them to reschedule or refund the course. 

3.2. nubeGO will only be able to deliver courses with a minimum audience of six (6) students. nubeGO may reschedule or cancel Public Courses that do not reach that number of students up to two (2) working weeks before the course start date. In that case, any students who have purchased a seat for the cancelled date will be contacted to reschedule or receive a refund for their purchase. 

3.3. In the case of Public Courses delivered in a location provided by nubeGO, nubeGO will be responsible for providing a room with the appropriate conditions and internet connection to deliver the course. In the case of Private Courses to be delivered in the client’s premises, access to a room with appropriate conditions and internet connection will be the client’s responsibility and nubeGO will not be at fault if the course delivery is hindered because these conditions are not met. Each student will use their own personal or company-issued devices during the course. nubeGO will not provide laptops for each student during the courses.



4.1. nubeGO and the Client are entitled to cancel the delivery of the Course up to 15 days before the delivery date. Should that be the case, nubeGO will use reasonable endeavours to reschedule the delivery.

4.2. Should the Client cancel the course less than 15 days prior to the delivery date, nubeGO reserves the right to collect 50% of the payment to cover for administrative costs related to this cancellation. 



5.1. At all times, nubeGO will remain the owner of the intellectual property in the nubeGO Cloud Technology Training and Workshop materials. 5.2. None of the Material, nor any part of it may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of nubeGO.


6.1. nubeGO will process the information it receives from the Client or otherwise holds about the Client in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The Client consents to the use by nubeGO of such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy available at

nubeGO is bound to adhere to the data protection policies that govern the GCloud 11 Framework

6.2. The Client shall not by its acts or omissions cause nubeGO or any of its employees, directors, agents, independent contractors and/or subcontractors to be in breach of applicable Data Protection Legislation.


7.1. Where training deliveries are subject to delays or non-performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control, nubeGO agrees to reschedule these deliveries at the earliest convenience.

7.2. nubeGO will not be held liable for performance delays nor for non-performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control.

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