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nubeGo is a specialist cloud consultancy and managed service provider. As a group whose guiding aim is to operate with the utmost integrity, we recognise that we have a responsibility to treat customer information properly and securely.


As such, we have developed an information security policy to:

  • establish and maintain an information security management system (ISMS) certified against ISO 27001:2013, and proactively seek out opportunities to improve the system;

  • comply with all applicable security-related legal, regulatory and contractual requirements; and

  • provide a secure, reliable and user-friendly environment that ensures our team can meet information security requirements by default and by design.

Our COO is responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy, with support and promotion from senior management.


To do so, we will:


  • set risk-based security objectives, to support our dynamic security goals, and review them regularly to ensure that they are achieved;

  • provide the necessary human and technology resources to ensure that the ISMS can achieve its intended outcomes; and

  • regularly review our ISMS effectiveness and security performance to ensure that it remains suitable and fit-for-purpose.

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