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OSDC Conference: Berlin 2019

OSDC Conference:

After 5 years, I was back to Berlin and back to OSDC, the Open Source DataCenter conference held by Netways. This time was to talk about Best Practices on Hybrid Architectures.

For me is always a pleasure to stand in front of an audience who know so much about IT and Operations. The intention was to not sound too blunt but provide a number of tips and reminders when architecting your disaster recovery strategy.

And what of the opportunity to speak to a room full of OS-experts, experienced administrators and architects?

The first day we had an evening welcome event in Patio Restaurant, with great views over the Spree River.
It was interesting to talk to different colleagues and understand more what’s the state of their journey.
Some of them are quite reluctant yet to have cloud workloads although they find it interesting and challenging at the same time.

I look forward to come back to OSDC next year and hopefully participate again as a speaker.

- Fernando Honig, nubeGO

About OSDC

Innovative strategies, forward-looking developments and new perspectives in dealing with complex data centers are the topics of OSDC.

What is the Open Source Data Center Conference all about?

The Future of Open Source Data Center Solutions

The two-day lecture program combines trendsetting concepts, top-level discussions, technical know-how and networking within the open source community to the well-known features of the Open Source Data Center Conference.

Find out more:

What happened 5 years ago? See OSDC 2014 Fernando Hönig - New Data Center Service Model: Cloud + DevOps here

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