How to Get Alibaba Cloud Professional Certified: Tips From a Cloud Architect!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Fernando Hönig

Co-Founder and CEO at

I am an (ex) Cloud Architect, current CEO at nubeGO, an Alibaba Cloud Partner and Cloud and DevOps Consultancy.

My goal in this post, is to share how to get certified by Alibaba Cloud and gain the most important certification, the Alibaba Cloud Professional.

How did I start?

With more than 17 years of IT experience, I have worked as a SysAdmin, DevOps, Cloud Ops, and Cloud Architect. I’ve been extensively using cloud services for around 6 years and seen different projects success and fail in different industries.

Since 2018, I started the executive journey, but I am still very technical and always want to keep my hands dirty.

In my company we have daily challenges, mainly focused in building solutions for clients. Our goal is to provide the best advice for their projects on a timely, secure and unbiased manner.

But let’s get back to Alibaba and my ACP certification. That’s what you’re looking for, right?

Let me ask you something, do you want to certify just to have a piece of “paper” or because you want to become proficient in another cloud platform?

I hope you’re here because you want to extend your cloud knowledge!

This certification is designed for those familiar with cloud computing and a rich operational knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products. ACP Cloud Computing Certification covers a spectrum of Alibaba Cloud core services, including architecture, networking, cloud security, and best practices.

Let’s start with how many certifications are at the moment with Alibaba Cloud

We have 3 streams.

  • Cloud Computing

  • Big Data

  • Security

For each of those, we have 3 levels.

  • Associate

  • Professional

  • Expert

So a total of 9 certifications!

How to Get Certified by Alibaba Cloud?

I started with Alibaba Cloud 1 year ago, gaining my ACP certification in December 2018.

To maintain your Certified status, Alibaba requires you to periodically demonstrate your continued expertise on the platform.

Alibaba Certifications expire every 2 years and you need to take the exam again.

How the exam looks like?

So, are you wondering if the exam is different from other cloud platforms? Well, it’s not.

The exam has 70 questions and you have 105 minutes to complete. You can’t have any books or notes with you, so you need to be very well prepared.

What products are you assessed on?

How deep it goes the exam in regards to each product?

Well, I can’t say much about the specific questions, but I can help you with some hints. You need to:

Be familiar with ECS-related concepts, including regions and zones,   instances, disks, snapshots, images, networks, and security groups.Have knowledge about the advantages, billing policies, application scenarios,  APIs and SDKs of ECS.Be able to deploy applications based on ECS products.Be familiar with the basic concepts related to Auto Scaling, including scaling groups, scaling co