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​UK Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


This statement is made on behalf of NubeGo Limited.
nubeGo is a provider of consultancy, support, engineering and training professional services in the UK.

​​1. Right to Work Checks and Due Diligence Processes

Our HR processes comply with all applicable UK legislation. Right to work checks and background checks are carried out on all new nubeGO employees. An individual’s employment with us is conditional upon having the legal right to work in the UK. 

2. Training for Staff

All nubeGo employees are required to read the UK government’s Modern Slavery Awareness booklet during their induction period. Targeted training on the Modern Slavery Act will be provided an a 2-yearly basis to those most relevant within the business, for example, our Talent Management team and senior leadership team.

​3. Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain comprises freelance consultants, contingent workers agencies and suppliers who provide professional services to us, and suppliers who provide goods and/or services to us in support of our business.  

We take the following steps to prevent modern slavery or human trafficking from occurring within our supply chain:

  1. All new freelance consultants, contingent workers, agencies and suppliers must be approved through our pre-qualification process in order to be registered on our system and paid. The pre-qualification process specifically asks questions about compliance with modern slavery legislation.  

  2.  Our standard contractual terms with third parties contain appropriate clauses confirming that they carry out their business in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act where appropriate.  

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  
Approved by: Fernando Honig, Chief Executive Officer, Nubego Limited.   Date:   16th September 2019

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