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Best Practices as a Service (BPAAS).

We make your
cloud management simple and secure.

Based on industry best practices, CloudZone is a secure, cost-efficient, and self-service cloud management platform for multi-account environments; a managed multi-cloud landing zone solution where your architecture can be designed, deployed, configured, and operated in a fully automated manner.

CloudZone Landing Zone


Centralized Management

Ensure your CCoE has full management of your workloads and provide controlled and secure access for the rest of the organization by adopting CloudZone improved, centralized logging and multi-account structure.

Cost Efficiency

CloudZone users have reduced their bill between 12% to 17% in the first month of cost management by activating the Cost Add-on. Implement CloudZone with just a fraction of the actual cost of a cloud platform team.

Simple Automation

Manage your cloud environment, launch new services, configure features and parameters just by clicking the option you need.

High Compliance

Improve your compliance rate with Best Practices and monitor your standard compliance in a simple manner by activating 100+ AWS config rules and launching compliant workloads from CloudZone service catalog portfolios.

Continuous Improvement

Solve 40%+ of High Risk non-compliance cloud well architected items in days by adopting CloudZone, and improve your compliance continuously with no extra cost enabling our permanent features updates.

Maximum Security

Improve your security aligning to best practices by activating the 100+ Security Alerts and Config rules; and 30+ remediation rules.

CloudZone Customers

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About us

CloudZone is the result of feedback from customers from different verticals and industries, in which the main goal is to simplify, optimize and make it easy for organizations to adopt cloud technologies reducing time to market, adhering to best practices, and keeping security, governance and cost efficiency as the top priority.

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