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Cloud Intro Training

2 hour online training or 4 hour instructor-led training

The course starts out by enumerating the business benefits of cloud computing and explaining why cloud computing services can be both superior and more cost-effective than in-house counterparts.

We then examine the different types of services that are available.

There will be a series of demos highlighting the three main cloud computing providers: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

We will finish with a discussion of mixed and hybrid cloud scenarios followed by some time for Q&A.


What is the cloud?

With a solid, standards-based approach and examples from the real world, we look at the many definitions that come together to determine what ‘The Cloud’ is.


Why use the cloud?

We will discuss and understand the benefits associated with moving to the Cloud and how these benefits are created.




We provide examples of infrastructure, platforms, software and data services.


Cloud Providers

We will examine the main cloud service providers whilst highlighting the differences and advantages.

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Target Audience:

High-level executives, an introduction for non-technical staff or a beginners overview for technologists new to the cloud.


No previous knowledge is necessary to get the most out of this course.

  • Recognise and understand the terminology and concepts related to the Cloud platform

  • Understand the foundational services of the major Cloud Providers

  • Understand the key concepts around security in the Cloud

  • Discover and understand the business benefits of Cloud computing

  • Recognise the differences between the various Cloud Providers

  • Answer any questions you may have surrounding Cloud Computing

  • Professional instructor delivery

  • Informative slides

  • Example demonstrations

  • Q&A Session

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