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Ladbrokes Coral

At Ladbrokes Coral we provide customers with exciting, simple and responsible betting and gaming experiences both online and in shops, delivered by the most passionate and committed people in the industry with more than 3,800 shops and stadia across the UK and Republic of Ireland, an office network comprising locations in London, Surrey, Nottingham, Dublin, Manila, Tel Aviv and Gibraltar.


The Challenge 

Like many enterprises, Ladbrokes Coral had a big on-premises footprint, which was due for renewal. It was the right time for a digital transformation not only for the IT side of the business but also on how software is developed and delivered. 


“With AWS we have the flexibility to scale and be more agile, what before took us 6 months to deploy, now with automation can be done in a few minutes.”

Steven McDevitt - Director of Infrastructure and Network 

Why Amazon Web Services?  

Before this transformation, Ladbrokes Coral was spending more than 2 months in delivering a fully working environment for their development teams to start working on them. This is now something that is in the past. Recently Ladbrokes Coral closed down and migrated to AWS all their digital footprint including Sports and Core Services.

Using a Cloud Framework based on the Well-Architected Framework principles, more than 7 development units are now consuming common shared services and governance policies across all projects.

Ladbrokes Coral hired nubeGO, an AWS Partner to help with the design and implementation of this framework in early 2017. nubeGO was key in not only bringing cloud expertise but also to connect with relevant third party cloud services companies to handle logging, governance and security.

“We didn’t want to treat AWS as just another data centre anymore. We asked ourselves if it really made sense for us to run our own database, cache, or Domain Name System servers when AWS offers a managed version of those services.” summed up McDevitt.

The Benefits

“As a modern company, we want to move quickly, be able to get our features to our customers as fast as possible; launch, test, deploy and destroy development environments in hours not weeks.”, says McDevitt. 


By using a Cloud Framework, we are now confident all projects are delivered using the same principles. We introduced the concept of Tenants, and now each development team handles their own compute and firewall rules, which means a quick turnover for building environments for them to deploy the applications.


McDevitt continues, “I’m impressed with how nubeGO engineers and architects managed to streamline the process of environments creation and daily updates by using a CI/CD platform integrated with our application pipeline”


Handing over the management of services to AWS has also had a positive effect on the IT team’s productivity. “I haven’t had a support callout in six months,” says McDevitt.