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Cloud Readiness Assessment


Reduce your risk and prepare your teams for the challenges you may face when embarking upon your Cloud Journey - take our Cloud Readiness Assessment.

What is the Cloud Readiness Assessment?

The Cloud Readiness Assessment takes the form of a survey which can be shared with your entire organisation.  Upon completion you'll receive a report of recommendations; a prioritised list of checkpoints that indicate whether your people, processes and technologies can be transferred to the Cloud without the need for significant overhaul.


Organizational Design               Physical Environment

Skills     Recruitment       Retention             Incentives

         Culture        Collaboration          Federation


Development        Best Practices          Agile    

Test        PMO                   Lean          Operations

Continuous Delivery        Ways of Working


Tools     Software Architecture   

Cloud Automation     Test Automation     

Monitoring & Metrics                  IaaS and PaaS



Better understand the organisational changes needed to support cloud delivery.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s assets.

Increase productivity through prioritised project identification and implementation.

Increase employee satisfaction through Cloud, DevOps and Agile techniques.


WHY nubeGO

At nubeGO we provide fast and reliable Cloud and DevOps consultancy services to companies of all sizes. Through our collaborative team-based relationships, we help our clients as they embrace cloud computing and adopt Agile and DevOps practices.

Disclaimer: nubeGO’s Cloud Readiness Assessment is designed to help determine your preparedness for cloud adoption. The recommendations provided are for information only. The recommendations are based on the information you provide and backed by nubeGO’s own experience assisting organisations on their cloud adoption journeys. Your organisation is responsible for making its own independent evaluation of our recommendations and for any decisions you may choose to make as a result of taking the assessment.