AWS Cost Control Programme
Learn the best strategies to increase cost savings with our AWS Cost Control Programme!

Develop an understanding of key AWS Cost Control concepts


Understand and adjust your business expenditure effectively

Learn to identify and seize cost-reduction opportunities


Acquire the ability to make smarter resource allocation decisions   


A customised learning experience aligned with your corporate goals and objectives.


Let's break down the Cloud bill and have a look at exactly what you’re spending money on and how to reduce that expenditure. nubeGO will place a Professional Certified Consultant in your business for an intensive day of work with your team, during which we will put a plan in place to tackle each cost-reduction opportunity available.

Fast and reliable technical consultancy services for small, medium and enterprise businesses. We sell solutions & results!

20+ years of IT experience


Fully trained professionals


+10,000 people trained in more than 85 countries online and on-site  

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